Creating value by aligning the interests of all participants
Creating value by aligning the interests of the
nation, investors, management and employees
Sinocap is an investment firm that identifies and invests in private and public enterprises across China.

We seek to partner with companies with the potential for significant growth and with whom value can be enhanced for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Sinocap can offer its investment partners significant financial resources, long established relationships in China, twenty years of investment experience and a dynamic team of executives who seek to complement, not control, an organization's existing management team.

Forging close relationships with the companies we invest has been the key to our success. These relationships are defined by integrity, trust and mutual respect.

We believe that the value of a company is best maximized by aligning the interests of the nation, investors, management and employees.

Where we bring value
We add value to the businesses we work with in a variety of ways:
Capital market experience

  • Company restructuring
  • Debt funding and equity funding (including IPO)
  • M&A experience to assist investee companies to grow
  • Asset Management
China know-how

  • Familiarity with Chinese culture and market practices
  • A deep understanding of government operations and regulations
Business enhancement

  • Raise credibility in capital markets and improve management standards
  • Improve corporate governance, ensure management continuity and stability with long-term development
  • Protect the interests of the company and establish fair and reasonable shareholding structure
  • Institute effective, long-term incentive schemes to motivate management and employees
Our investment philosophy
We are focused predominantly on pre-IPO funding and growth capital. We typically seek minority positions in companies with strong management; however we may take a controlling stake in certain cases.
We look for companies with the following characteristics:

  • Operate in industries which benefit from favourable government policies
  • Active in a sector with long-term growth potential
  • Have a clear and strong financial track record
  • Have a capable and stable management team
  • Have strong competitive advantages and a compelling business model